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No repair is too small. Due to the type of vehicles we specialise in, attention to detail is everything to ensure a flawless finish, which will last.
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Colour Matching

We can match any colour using our ultra high-tech spectrometer, which utilises advanced optics to measure the vehicles actual colour from five angles.   This is then downloaded, where it is analysed, giving a formula, which is then mixed on our ‘in house’ colour schemes, giving us the versatility of fast turn around and correct colour matching.

Custom Colours

We specialise in custom finishes from Chameleon colours, which flip through two or more colour changes.   Spectra Flair, which have a rainbow effect of colours as light reflects from them.   Candy, which have a coloured ground coat, viewed through a transparent top colour, giving vivid colours and depth of finish. Also matt finishes for that stealth look.

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